Autor: Schein Gábor
ISBN: 978-80-7387-380-6
EAN: 9788073873806
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Datum vydání: 13. 5. 2010
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The figure of M.’s father is more enigmatic. A legend persists

– one that later Péter himself readily told and perhaps may even

be true – that his family had come to Hungary from Galicia

some time towards the end of the 19th century, from a certain

region where, according to another legend, bandits, pious

Hasidim, perverse nobles, and untamed Hutzuls arriving from

the Carpathians felt themselves at home; a region where, not

long after his family purportedly set off on their southwards

migration, a certain chief lieutenant, Kiekeritz by name, who

had just executed a prisoner-of-war in a forest, was himself

overtaken by death on the tumbledown steps of a third-rate

Jewish guesthouse in a derelict town; the bullet, however,

ultimately came to rest in the skull of second lieutenant Carl

Joseph von Trotta, who after the shot took one more faltering

step, then fell to the ground, knocking over two overflowing

buckets, while from below, the Ukrainian peasants cried out in

chorus “Hail to thee, Lord Jesus!”.

Lazarus, an unflinching investigation of what it means to be the child of Holocaust survivors in postwar Hungary, is Gábor Schein\'s second novel.